There comes a time in every Perfume’s life when it has to go through a reformulation process.

What is a reformulation process?

Every perfume when originally created has its unique formula that has its unique ingredients (notes) and how they are bonded together to create a scent that we grow to love. However as the years go by (in some case as the centuries go by, yes there are still perfume available that were created in 1800s) almost every perfume gets a reformulation, the companies go back to drawing board and try to tweak the original formula to retain the as much of the original scent as possible but with a newer formula.

Why do perfumes go through a reformulation?

There are many number of reason why a perfume would go through a reformulation process, lack of ingredients, new industry regulation, dropping sales and demand, innovation to appeal to broader audiences, and it could also come down to the need of lowering cost in order to maintain profits.

How do we know a perfume has gone through a reformulation?

In most cases the reformulation process goes unannounced and unnoticed. In other case companies re-launch advertising campaigned to create awareness. It really depends on the brand and how significant the reformulation is.